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Pet Cooling Mat

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A clever, self-cooling mat that works without refrigeration, water and electricity.  It offers a cooling and soothing therapy for dogs, helping them with overheating and dehydration. It also benefits convalescing dogs and elderly dogs with joint problems. The mat has a weight-activated design, so as soon as your pet lies down, the cooling effect starts. It cools for 3-4 hours of constant use and "recharges" automatically after a short period of non-use.  Put it on the floor, bed, crate, in the car or outside. It is non-toxic and safe for pets, people and the planet.   Your pet will stay so cool, you may decide to get one for yourself, and we have plenty of customers who have done just that!  

  • Cools and soothes
  • Helps prevent overheating and dehydration
  • Lasts for years, recharges automatically, weight activated, no water, no electricity, no refrigeration
  • Non-toxic. Safe for people, pets and planet
  • Sturdy construction
  • Folds easily
  • Wipes clean with a damp cloth

Size: 50cm x 65cm


Advisory: although our Pet Cooling Mat is paw-puncture proof, we recommend that you do not leave your dog unattended with it if they are a chewer!


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